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Our ethos

We are not traditional corporate consultants advising from a safe distance.

We have extensive in-house experience, so know first-hand what matters and the challenges of a role like yours.

We like to work closely alongside our client teams to understand the business context, and we care about designing and helping to implement manageable solutions that endure.

You should expect the highest standards of professional integrity and attention to detail, and we pride ourselves on our reputation for this.

Example projects

Governance healthcheck

A holistic review of your current governance framework, to give you confidence in your practices and diagnose any areas for improvement. We can identify and show you how to improve levels of alignment with the corporate governance code applicable to your company.

Corporate policies framework

We can review and advise on the essential components of an effective group policies framework, aligned to your corporate vision and values. We can help you develop and implement a straightforward and clear approach that your people can understand and engage with.


Delegations of authority


Getting delegations right means balancing a company’s agility with its risk management. We can support you in optimising and capturing your decision-making authorities from the Board, to the executive team, senior management and below. 

IPO / Listing readiness

The transition to a company with publicly listed securities requires meticulous preparation and a host of new governance and compliance structures and procedures. As a specialist addition to your IPO transaction advisory team, we can get your governance fit for flotation.

Committees steamlining


Suffer from a ‘meetings culture’ and lack of accountability? We can map when and where matters are reviewed, who is involved, and the inter-relationships. Then we will work to simplify this structure, ensuring clear responsibilities, authority and reporting obligations.

How to work with us: FAQs

What our Consulting clients say:

Letter from the Chief Executive, UK energy infrastructure company

"Dear Darren

I wanted to write to you personally regarding the delivery of the Programme. As you know this was very important to the whole of the estate. Everything was well managed and the Programme was delivered on time. It is acknowledged that this did not happen by accident, and it was achieved by your diligent work and the excellent team working within and across the various workstreams. You and your fellow team members have individually and collectively shown true dedication, focus and determination to deliver.
It is obvious and commendable that the team has set a high standard of team working and this bodes well for our future together. Without the team working and mutual support, it would not have been possible to achieve this goal.
We would like to thank you personally for your work, help and support in ensuring the safe and smooth delivery of the programme."

9 May 2023

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